Thursday, May 26, 2011


wash me away,
into the seas of nothingness,
into the deeps of your despair.
I dont want to rise to the surface,
i dont want to breathe.
wash me away,
so that i can be one with thee.

faceless numbers

I watch you sleeping,
an eerie calm upon your face.
You see me looking at you,
My eyes wide,
Searching you for signs of danger.
You bat your eyelids,
And flash me a smile,
Through those very eyes.
Those charms, ah! Such charms,
They don’t work no more.
My blink less stare,
Makes you realize,
It’s not a dream.
You say something,
You think is sweet.
It constricts my vessels,
Long enough to let me breathe.
Memories, they come rushing in;
A different bed, a different person
And those “sweet nothings”…
You, a number on the list?
I’ve been here before,
Picked myself up,
And left.
A shirtless back,
No shame, no guilt.
The window beckons.
Sunlight- a ray of hope
To escape?
I’ve been here before,
It’s never hard to leave.
Easy come, easy go.
The warmth of the sun,
On my bare body,
To that exuded by yours.
The sun tingles at the surface,
You burn me deep within.
But I will shed thee,
Like a skin.
Because it’s never  hard to leave,
a faceless number.

Monday, May 23, 2011


She was running up the stairs on some errand, when he popped in to her head. Just like that.
She stared at his name on her phone screen, resisting the temptation to call. She debated in her head, for what seemed like an eternity, alongside muttering trivialities to her friend. She put the phone back in her pocket, making the brain win the endless heart-brain war.
Yes, it was a war. It always is. For her it was a more profound one than others, an over analyzer that she claimed to be. A few hurried steps and instructions to the self to stop thinking about him.
A sort of resoluteness she hadn’t felt in those endless months of going gaga over him, so much so that the very next moment on bumping into him, she dint realize it was HIM, right there!
 It almost played out in a dream like trance. She flustered for a minute or two, letting her friend do all the talking while she stared.
The sunlight filtered through his off white kurta. She could make out the contours of his chest. The very chest she longed to touch. The slight breeze was more than welcome on that hot summer day. His kurta quivered slightly but not her gaze.
She wished for the moment to go on forever, as much as she cringed at the mention of the word. Nothing else seemed to matter.
But then it ended. Just like that.
She went on, with a hop in her step and a pacing heart, back to her errands.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Your silence speaks to me

Sometimes silence speaks more than words ever will. It has a language of its own; transcending all barriers that this corrupt human race built-barriers of race, class, religion, age, nationality, gender among many others.
You may not be sitting right infront of me or you might as well be, I still cant hear you.No words come out of your mouth.
You dont tell me why you left. You dont say if you'll be back. And when you are, you dont say for how long.
I sit here, unperturbed. I dont need you to tell me. I dont need words. Your silence speaks to me. It keeps me calm. 
Silence has words of its own. They float around my head.
I can feel what you feel. I may not feel the same way but i want you to know that i know.
You dont need to run anymore , not from me and not from yourself. I see you hiding from all that you are unable to confront and i just want to tell you, that i don't need you to tell me. Because your silence speaks to me.