Saturday, March 24, 2012

living a lie

several representations of a thousand words,
filling up your empty life.
i see through this,
i see through your smile.
inbetween all that empty lovemaking,
you still want to be mine.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Demystified mist,
you can't stay.
A winter mist-
a season too long.
Base and yet none,
you won't hold.
Misty smoke,
you'll disappear.
You can’t stay.
Pale away,
in the midst of
paling comparisons.
Even the sun burns,
if you get too much,
they say.
Freeze or burn?
Why isn’t there another fork in the road?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a trodden altar

The mind- a free wanderer,
Chained by emotion.
Its icarian wings burn.
A leap into the sea-
A heart in a gloomy vault.
A splendid isolation,
Only not so splendid.
An anchored heart,
It sinks.
The last dregs of the prison,
Called life.
The wind will blow ,
my dreary steps into your eyes;
Welling tears and their overflow.
All will be forgotten soon enough.
An existance wiped clean.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Life in smoke

Where can she smell the smell ?
All over you, he chimes in.
Can she smell you on me?
You are all over me.
 Is it what you do to me?
Is it what i do to you?
Does it manifest on my face too,
in the form of colour?
Is it the smell of Death? 
The Death in the everyday?
The Death of everyday? 
It sticks to me;
like you.
A different scent,
selling dreams to the world.
It may mask you,
but not the smell of death,
that i live with everyday. 


The stillness of that memory,
The stillness of that moment
 I wrap it around myself
and let go
The hop and skip in steps
 of my heart
The warmth of your lips against mine,
And then not.
And the ensuing longing.
The bated breath-
As heavy as it gets.
Shatters like a glass-
The stillness.
Your moist breath on my face.
The Anticipation.
The growing proximity.
The expectation.
More Moisture, less silence.
The inhibition dies somewhere in the corner.
I Lean in
And  kiss.

Monday, June 13, 2011

blow hot, blow cold

wind me up
like a stationary spinning top,
and then let me go.
pull me in close,
and then pretend to not know


you cant take me away from me,
and i cant pretend to lay a claim on you.
the hollowness has a sound,
it reverberates through and through.
the silence may visit again
if i take my hands off you.