Wednesday, January 12, 2011


wrapped up 
in unspoken lies.
numbing pain
of the many times i cried.
the song of freedom,
left too far behind.
the velvet touch of sympathy
wont suffice.
like sand
from an open palm.
like a spinning top,
out of control.
like an unwound ball
of wool and fury.
i m undone.
dont try  fix me.
spinning out of control,
slipping away.
i m undone.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

world of another kind

silence of a different kind,
of this mortal world,
but of another kind.
muffled steps tiptoeing
into the mouth
of disaster.
mixed with
rage of another kind.
music-less melody
in the 'love' they made.
a gleam of monstrous light
etching their contours
for the eyes to see.
the eyes,
that were blinded with morosity.
faded contours broke apart.
a step back
into the never ending pit.
hell of another world.
fiery demons
that burnt my insides.
of this mortal world,
but of another kind.
a second  step 
and i was gone.
the bitterness
clutched tight.
i was gone
into the lies of another kind.